Traditional scouting is the heart of the game, and we’re here to be its next chapter, complementing with tailored tools and insights that cater to your unique football philosophy. We are your dedicated partner in the journey towards excellence and innovation in football.

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Optimise Your Club’s Recruitment

Supplement your traditional scouting methods and generic football analytics solutions with a personalised approach tailored to your specific goals.

Our extensive coverage of 950+ leagues, including Academy, bespoke dashboards and a customisable Alert System, elevate your experience and underpin a long-lasting approach designed to grow with your Club.

In-Depth Scouting Platform

Explore our extensive Scouting Platform featuring 450+ In-House Metrics & Ratings from various sources for 950+ leagues. Access pre-set templates or create custom dashboards for a tailored and immersive scouting experience.
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RMA Player Alert System | WhatsApp & Email

Receive and manage weekly personalised updates on high-performing & potential players directly to your phone or email. Be first to know and get alerted on vital insights & developments with our RMA Player Alert System, fully customisable to your preferences.
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Manager Scouting

Gain indispensable insights to identify leaders with the tactical acumen, fitness, and playing style alignment necessary to lead your team to success.
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Transfer Opportunities & Market Analysis

Navigate the player market seamlessly with our preset transfer categories. Identify potential market and transfer opportunities within seconds to inform strategic decisions.
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Outstander Analysis

Discover hidden gems through a meticulous & multi-dimensional analysis of football metrics.
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Player | Team | League | Profile Reports

Access instant insights into players (350k+), managers (35k+), teams (25k+), and leagues (950+) with our comprehensive profiling reports.
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Player Similarity

Pinpoint players who perfectly align with your team's tactical requirements and culture.
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Match Reports

Receive detailed weekly match reports for any league in seconds, providing in-depth player and team statistical analyses.
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Custom Dashboards & Ad-Hoc Analytics Reporting

Benefit from unique analysis and data housing tailored to your team's specific needs for informed decision-making.
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