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Optimise Your Recruitment With Access To 450+ Metrics

Are you searching for a standout under-25 goal scorer with exceptional link play and pressing abilities within the Top 15 football leagues? Our advanced, in-depth football scouting platform swiftly delivers a curated list of top talents.

By integrating 5 sophisticated performance models tailored to your club’s philosophy, we ensure realistic and suitable insights. Dive into player profiles that outline strengths, weaknesses, and distinctive playing styles. With coverage of over 450 metrics, you can search based on performance and physical metrics, playing style, age, nationality, and more, facilitating data-driven transfer decisions.

Revolutionising Football Scouting Worldwide

We empower football clubs by providing comprehensive player data that underpins actionable insights. By easily identifying and shortlisting emerging talents worldwide, clubs can streamline their talent acquisition.

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Evaluate desired reports & metrics in one screen with sorting and filtering features.

Elevate your football scouting worldwide with access to information on players from global leagues.

Simplify your football talent scouting with preset templates that guide user interactions & achieve quick player shortlists.

Tailor player shortlists to specific performance, playing style, contract, and demographic requirements.

Key Features

Richness & Quality
Coverage of 950+ Leagues
Wide Range of Preset Templates
Flexibility & Customisation

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