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Precise Player Comparison & Selection

Have you recently faced the challenge of losing a pivotal central defender, leaving a significant gap in your squad that requires urgent attention? Our specialised tool is meticulously crafted to help you compare players and select those, who seamlessly fit your team’s tactical and cultural requirements while aligning with your preferred playing style.

Leverage Advanced Algorithms To Compare Players Simply

Identify footballers with similar playing styles, strengths, and weaknesses, revolutionising your player recruitment process.

By leveraging our vast database and advanced algorithms, you can swiftly compare layers and identify suitable replacements for key positions, ensuring continuity and effectiveness on the field.

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Compare player data from over 350k players worldwide, spanning 25k+ teams and 950+ leagues, including Academy.

Choose between selecting an ideal player or exploring industry-recognised playing styles to find suitable matches.

Explore various player styles, including different roles for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, wide attackers, and central attackers.

Understand various team styles, such as counter-attack, direct play, and total control, to align player selection with team strategy and tactics.

Key Features

Extensive Player Coverage
Player & Profile Mode
Player Styles
Team Styles

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