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What We Offer

In-depth Scouting Search Platform w/ 250+ metrics

Search for your players according to your performance, playing style, age, nationality etc. criteria. Discover young talents or shortlist players from all around the world to watch in person to justify transfer decisions

Player | Team | League | Season Analytics Reports

In-depth analysis of any player, team, league or season that will give you actionable insights. Understand the playing styles of players, teams and leagues making sensible and consistent comparisons

Instant Player Flagging Notification System

Get notified immediately when a 16 year old talent makes his debut in Campeonato Brasileiro Série A or a player with low market value starts showing consistently high performance

Match Report

Have access to detailed Match Reports in any league in seconds that show insightful player and team statistical analyses

Market Value Analysis

Would like to explore under-valued and high-performing players? Simple but effective report that will be a game changer in Scouting

Custom Tailored Dashboards

Every Club has its own unique culture. We are happy to take your inputs in order to create new tailored custom reports or modify existing ones to exactly match your needs and requirements


Dynamic & Flexible Reporting


  • Default & Custom made products with fully flexible reporting system adjustable to Club's dynamic & immediate needs and requirements
  • Personalized reports and criteria-based player scouting features to shortlist high performers and explore undiscovered young talents
  • Analysis of player, team and league performances and player suitability based on playing styles, team formation or league difficulty

Match Rating Model


  • Unique and advanced statistical Match Rating data model; providing genuine and precise player performance assessment 
  • 150+ on-pitch events impacting player ratings
  • 100+ adjustable defensive and attacking metrics at your fingertips to personalize your own Match Rating Model 

Big Data in ONE Platform


  • 35+ leagues | 700+ teams | 30k+ players | 75k+ matches under ONE Platform with 250+ metrics
  • Fast and easy to use desktop & online platform 
  • Perform searches in seconds; easily compare players
  • Create new metrics and position specific profiles and reporting
  • Data driven player transfer evaluations



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