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Traditional scouting is at the heart of the game, and we're here to be its next chapter with complementary tools and insights that cater to your unique football philosophy. We are revolutionising how football clubs approach talent acquisition and performance optimisation by transforming complex football player statistics into actionable insights.

In-Depth Scouting Platform

Rich, in-house metrics & data from 950+ leagues - including Academy, integrated from various sources, available all under ONE platform in pre-set templates or custom dashboards for a tailored experience
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RMA Player Alert System | WhatsApp & Email

Receive and manage weekly personalised updates on high-performing & potential players directly to your phone or email. Be first to know and get alerted on vital insights & developments with our RMA Player Alert System, fully customisable to your preferences
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Manager Scouting

Indispensable insights to help you pinpoint the ideal leaders who possess the tactical acumen & fitness, and playing style alignment necessary to guide your team towards success
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Transfer Opportunities & Market Analysis

Pre-set transfer categories to transform the complex player market into a navigable landscape, helping you identify potential market & transfer opportunities within seconds
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Outstander Analysis

Through meticulous multi-dimensional X-Y plot analysis of football metrics, we unveil hidden gems that possess exceptional qualities beyond conventional statistics
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Player | Team | League | Profile Reports

Uncover insights into players (350k+), managers (35k+), teams (25k+) and leagues (950+) - all in seconds
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Player Similarity

Specialised technology to assist you in the precise selection of players who seamlessly fit your team's tactical & cultural requirements and align with your preferred playing style
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Match Reports

Weekly detailed match reports for any league within seconds, offering in-depth player and team statistical analyses
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Custom Dashboards & Ad-Hoc Analytics Reporting

Our platform offers analysis and data housing that is as unique as your team
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Revolutionising Football Recruitment

The RealMetric Impact

Born from a deep passion for football and the transformative power of data, we are enabling the elevation of performance analysis in football clubs across the globe.
Deep Understanding of Football’s Essence
Extensive Customisation & Club-Centric Partnerships
Industry Validation
Unrivalled Data Depth & Integration
Intuitive Interface
Pioneering Product Development
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We blend traditional scouting methods with tailored analytics, diving deep into the game’s intricacies and your club’s philosophy to enhance your recruitment strategies.

There’s nothing generic about us. Our football player statistics & play analytics align with your club’s unique needs and are made accessible through bespoke dashboards and alert systems for a seamless partnership that evolves with your club.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence has established us as industry trailblazers, recognised by Sporting Directors & Football Executives from elite Clubs across the world, including the Premier League. We are confident that our commitment to innovation, personalisation, and football expertise will set us apart in the years to come.

Our platform offers the most comprehensive insights with coverage spanning 350k+ players, 35k+ managers, 25k+ teams, and 950+ leagues, including Academy leagues.

Despite the complexity behind the scenes, our platform offers an intuitive interface designed for users of all levels thanks to 5 in-house performance models and pre-set templates to address real-life transfer scenarios.

Our state-of-the-art data models and robust dashboard content mark a paradigm shift in industry standards recognised by Sporting Directors and Football Executives from elite clubs worldwide.

AI-Powered Scouting Revolution

Discover our Tailored Scouting & Recruitment Analytics Solutions to meet your Football Club's unique needs
Stay ahead of the competition with real-time alerts tailored to your requirements.
We transform complex data into actionable insights to drive real impact in your club.
Our bespoke dashboards are immensely accurate and provide a great level of insight supplementing your traditional scouting processes.

Automate & Maximise Your Scouting Efficiency

RMA Player Alert System
Crafted For Impact
Advanced Player Scouting
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Trusted by Football Clubs in Elite Level

Real Metric Analytics leverages AI and advanced metrics to streamline our scouting process, uncovering hidden gems and maximising efficiency

Director of Football Operations | Premier League

RMA empowers us to react instantly with automated player alerts based on key performance indicators

Sporting Director | Championship

The intuitive interface of Real Metric Analytics allows our scouting team to personalise player profiles and access insights with exceptional ease

Chief Scout | Belgium Pro League

AI-Powered Scouting & Recruitment Analytics For Football Clubs

We deliver meticulously curated lists of the finest players with our AI-Powered 5-Performance Models. Supplemented with profiles outlining each football player’s key statistics; strengths, weaknesses and distinctive playing styles, our reports are even tailored to your club’s philosophy to ensure suitable and realistic insights that underpin real decisions that drive success.

Timing is everything, especially in football.. Get ahead of your competitors and be the ones to explore the best talents first.

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