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Real Metric Football Analytics

Data Analytics for Scouting & Performance in Football Clubs


Dynamic & Flexible Reporting


  • Default & Custom made products with fully flexible reporting system adjustable to Club's dynamic & immediate needs and requirements
  • Personalized reports and criteria-based player scouting features to shortlist high performers and explore undiscovered young talents
  • Analysis of player, team and league performances and player suitability based on playing styles, team formation or league difficulty

Match Rating Model


  • Unique and advanced statistical Match Rating data model; providing genuine and precise player performance assessment 
  • 150+ on-pitch events impacting player ratings
  • 100+ adjustable defensive and attacking metrics at your fingertips to personalize your own Match Rating Model 

Big Data in ONE Platform


  • 35+ leagues | 700+ teams | 30k+ players | 75k+ matches under ONE Platform with 250+ metrics
  • Fast and easy to use desktop & online platform 
  • Perform searches in seconds; easily compare players
  • Create new metrics and position specific profiles and reporting
  • Data driven player transfer evaluations


End Goal => Sportive and Financial Achievements


The Real Metric Football Analytics product promises compilation of comprehensive and visually attractive reporting that is easy to understand, highlighting important aspects, metrics and predicting outcomes. As an end goal, the product aims to help Football Clubs boost their sportive performances and achieve financial savings and profits.

Savings & Profits

Many football clubs are nowadays paying the price for some awful recruitment, as even one poorly-assessed or unfit transfer of a footballer cause waste of millions for a football club. The Real Metric Football Analytics product will reduce these risks helping you make the right decisions in identifying young, talented, consistent, high-potential players around the world that will fit to the Club’s needs, requirements, style and culture when developing a transfer target list or making a final decision but it will also help the manager and analysts better assess the performances of competitor’s and Club’s own players. Therefore, the product offers a great potential of astronomical savings from poor transfer decisions as well as substantial profits from accurately-invested young talents and Club’s overall success with precisely-assessed player performances.

Eliminate Manual Effort

Although highly variable, employees in top-tier football clubs spend at least 40 hours of work per week only on scoping, developing and preparing simple player lists and statistical reports. Massive savings will be achieved with Football Analytics product in terms of labour hours, preventing wasted effort with report creation and presentations.

What you get

All Packs include;

  • Daily refreshes of every report

  • Ongoing post-implementation data 

  • Data support service

  • User training sessions 

  • User guides, data dictionary/calculated fields methodologies

  • Hosting and data management

  • Monthly webinars

  • Collaborative workshops @ client's site

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*All subscriptions are for a minimum of 12 month term. Prices are exclusive of VAT. ** Automated PDF Deliveries with Pre-Defined Filters (e.g for Weekly Player Report; 14 Club + 14 Opponent Players' PERFORMANCE PDFS)